Leonardo DiCaprio: Browser Game Features Actor Chasing After an Oscar

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Leonardo DiCaprio’s deprivation of Oscar gold has become something of a punchline in Hollywood. The memes alone would probably get an Oscar before DiCaprio if there was such a category.

Before this year, DiCaprio has been nominated four times for an Oscar—What’s Eating Gilbert Grape (1994), The Aviator (2005), Blood Diamond (2007), The Wolf of Wall Street (2014)—and has walked away from each Academy Awards ceremony empty-handed.

Whispers are abound this year, however, that DiCaprio may finally get his moment on stage for his performance in The Revenant—ironically enough, during the year the Academy has mandated that the names of those thanked to be scrolled across the screen instead of tearfully expressed in front of the mic.

DiCaprio’s relationship with the Academy has been a very long cosmic joke up to this point—and now it’s been expertly crafted into an 8-bit web game.

From the minds of London-based animation collective The Line comes Red Carpet Rampage, a desperate race to finally get Leo the gold he’s been destined for:


Get Leonardo DiCaprio an Oscar or die trying in Leo’s Red Carpet Rampage, an arcade style platform game where you race down the red carpet on a quest for the ultimate award. Collect as many Emmy’s and Golden Globes as you can along the way. But beware of pushy photographers and watch out for Lady Gaga…and icebergs


Leo, the Internet shall avenge your Oscar snubs.

Play Red Carpet Rampage here.

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